Dan Childs in Peru

Do you remember Dan Childs, our expert film maker? The guy who produced that wonderful short film on Windermere Lodges? Well he’s just started a summer project shooting some documentary films in the Peruvian rainforest. He’ll be there until September so we’ve agreed to feature his journey on the Getaway Earth blog. We asked Dan to kick us off by providing an overview of the trip…

“After a couple of days in New York I’ll be flying to Cusco before being driven north through the mountains and down through the cloud forest into the amazon rainforest where we’ll be dependent on a generator for electricity. I’ll be making some films about conservation work being done in the Manu region along with running some filmmaking workshops for volunteers and we have even discussed setting up a cinema in a local town and also broadcasting some of my finished films on local TV to help raise awareness amongst the population. Really looking forward to getting my camera rolling on this one…”

For those of you who’ve seen the Windermere film you’ll know that Dan has an amazing skill, so we’re hoping for some cool stuff, no pressure! Dan is also going to be making a video diary of the trip and the first instalment is on it’s way, more on that later this week… SPREAD THE WORD!

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